Hello!  My name is Vanessa White, I graduated with a Doctor of Dental Surgery (DDS) degree from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill's School of Dentistry in May of 2017, and have been practicing as a General Dentist since June 2017 in Columbia, South Carolina.

Though relatively new to the dental practice setting, I possess a wealth of experience which provides me with a strong foundation and unique perspective when it comes to dental health. I believe in providing patients with compassionate, personalized care that not only addresses their current dental needs but also supports preventive healthcare.  My calm and friendly demeanor helps patients to feel more at ease during dental procedures, and by clearly explaining each step in easily understood terms I hope to foster long-term relationships with my patients.

While completing my DDS degree, I worked as a Research Associate in the Department of Prosthodontics. I am very interested in the practice of digital dentistry and worked hard to incorporate this training into the curriculum for pre-doctoral dental students.

At the same time, I was also the co-owner of a small business, The Coffee Element, with my husband. My responsibilities included overseeing all of the financial aspects of running the café, from establishing a budget and managing cost of goods, to processing payroll and negotiating with vendors. In addition, I also spearheaded marketing efforts to promote the business and attract customers.

Prior to pursuing my DDS, I worked in the field of public health. I hold a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Biocultural Anthropology from the University of Washington and a Master of Public Health in Community Health Education from the University of North Carolina at Greensboro.  During this portion of my career, I was highly involved in coordinating and conducting research on topics such as HIV/AIDS, Spina Bifida, Tourette’s syndrome, Quality of Life, Cerebral Palsy and Craniofacial Abnormalities. I have co-authored seven manuscripts, presented more than a dozen platform and poster presentations, and have spent a great deal of time in the classroom as a teaching assistant and mentor training others in the areas in which I have studied. All of these projects have helped me to develop a more in-depth understanding of the medical/dental field and to refine my skills in working with patients.

I am passionate about this new chapter in my career, and the opportunity to work with leaders in the field of dentistry to provide exceptional patient experiences and quality dental care. I look forward to becoming an integral part of a practice and establishing a positive rapport with patients, peers, and future co-workers.



Contact Information

    • TELEPHONE: (919) 619-1404
    • EMAIL: vmwhitedds@gmail.com
    • MAIL: 1175 Triple Crown Ct.| Elgin, SC | 29045